SDA is The Platform for providing more opportunities to youth sports. More transparent and objective data as a tool for better evaluation of youth athletes. Starting with the most popular sport, football, and will expand to various sports.

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Citizens or residents of USA, Switzerland, and restricted jurisdictions are not eligible to participate

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Business and Token Model

1) Business Model
- B2C: Subscription of Data-based Solution
For parents, athletes, agents, coaches, and teams, each client has an optimized and customized solution for each need.
- B2B: Data Provision
Targeting the businesses, organizations requiring enhanced processed data such as football associations, sporting goods manufacturer, real data-based mobile games, etc.
- B2C: C2C: Users can invest in the youth athletes they like
The AI-based data analysis provides the suggestion of investment target by investor's taste.
2) Token Value Inflation Model
- Circulation Amount: 15% + Foundation Management: 85% = Easy Control of the Price.
- Various usage of tokens such as vote, donation, etc. will lead to the reduction of token amount = Increase in token value.
- Used token goes to ISDA foundation's wallet = Securing the used amount = Increase in token value.
- Regular foundation buyback = Decrease in token circulation amount = Increase in token value.
- Total Valuation: 8 mn USD
- Total Investment Target Amount: 6mn USD
- Token Investment: up to 100%
- Equity Investment: 30 to 40%
- Minimum Requirement (Softcap)
- Platform Development (web/app): 1 mn USD
- Facilities (Office, Factory, Data Center): 1 mn USD
- Labor Cost: 500K USD
- Global Marketing & Listing : 1.5 mn USD
- Minimum Requirement (Softcap)

Business Overview

ISDA gathers data through video analysis, GPS, and wearable devices.
The platform processes the collected data to transform it into the desired format, fully customizable.
Processed results are available for various types of clients such as parents, agents, teams, sports data requiring business, etc.
By the participation confirmation of 21+ countries’ Football Associations, teams, and agent companies,
ISDA can do the business, not from the zero, from the more than enough secured clients.
Current State
1) Building the beta platform to be released in June 2019.
2) Joining as the Korea Football Association U15 Championship official partner from June.
3) Actively in discussion with major exchanges, Coineal, Bittrex, Upbit, Huobi, Binance, etc. (CONFIDENTIAL)