Currently, sports data analysis service providers are focusing on only 2% of top-notch football leagues and they compete hard for the small portion of the whole market. (estimated market share of the 2% of the football industry is approximately 497 billion USD)

ISDA is focusing on the other direction. Not like traditional data analysis service provider for ‘the 2%’,
ISDA goes for the youth and enthusiast level which takes up to 98% of the whole football industry.

Ultimately, coexistence, incubating, and growing together is ISDA’s goal.

Target Age

U-18 Youth

Target Countries

Youth Sports Support Activities

Match Analysis
Financial Assistance for Youth
Technical Board Configuration
Korea Football Association
U-15 Sponsor

Youth Camp Operation

Establishing youth sports camp around the world.
Enter-training kit provision for enjoyable training environment.

Training Equipment

Dr. Canon