ISDA Platform

Blockchain-powered Youth Sports Incubating Platform


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Platform User Interface


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Data Analysis based on EPTS*

Performance Indicator

*EPTS: A technology for the improvement of team and athlete’s performance.
1) Tracking the position of the athlete and ball
2) Subminiature electronic devices are used simultaneously (accelerometer, gyroscope)
3) The heart rate and physical limitation measured by utilization of devices.


Data Flow

ISDA collects the data through the video analysis, wearable devices, and GPS tracking system.
ISDA generates customized solutions with collected data and these will apply to the various business models.

Data Analysis & Processing

data analysis processing

Competitive Advantage / Data Integrity

ISDA applied blockchain technology for data integrity. Once the data is stored through the blockchain,
tampering or manipulation is not possible by any technologies existing nowadays.
ISDA’s solution guarantees fairness by providing intact data and this is what current football industry really demands.